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MOAS Virtual Platform

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The NEW MOAS Virtual Platform will be used by all participants in the 28th Model OAS General Assembly for High Schools (28th MOAS/HS) to submit, negotiate and support resolutions. This tool will allow students, teachers and OAS Staff to interact more efficiently during the preliminary stages of the Model. The MOAS Virtual Platform is a very friendly and easy to use portal that will improve all MOAS related processes.

To submit resolutions, please click on the tab above. Resolutions will be accepted ONLY electronically and before the MOAS. The deadlines for the electronic presentation of resolutions are:

  • For the First Book:  October 26, 2009

  • For the other books:  November 13, 2009 - Extended through Nov. 17 (ONLY)

After these deadlines NO NEW resolutions will be acceptedDuring the MOAS, only those resolutions that had been returned for corrections or those that are the product of working groups will be accepted by the Resolutions Evaluation Committee.

The MOAS Virtual Platform is hosted by the "Educational Portal of the Americas" (EPA), therefore, the registration form will be framed by the EPA format. The data and courses shown are not related to the MOAS. After registration the MOAS Virtual Platform will be shown in a dedicated MOAS format. 

To register and read instructions for the use of the Platform, please click on the tab above.  Once registered, you will receive an assigned login name and a password to access the MOAS Virtual Platform, where you and your students will be able to:

  1. Submit resolutions.
  2. Check the status of the evaluation of submitted resolutions.
  3. Read resolutions from fellow delegates on each committee.
  4. Advance the work of assigned Working Groups, through forums.
  5. Negotiate and lobby for support.
  6. Download and print the books of resolutions.   

Instructions on how to use the platform are set on each step of the Virtual Platform. You can also read and familiarize yourself with these instructions on the following document: "Instructions for the Virtual Platform"      





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